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Born Skinny

10 Jul

Welcome to The Skinny. The Skinny is a blog primarily dedicated to “life as an extreme ectomorph.” That is, most entries will relate in some way to the particular circumstances of that extremely small subpopulation of people who are of very thin body build. The point is not to aggrandize this condition, but to promote the reality of the situation, which is that some people truly are, quite naturally, extremely skinny.

The extreme ectomorph was a thin child, a thin adolescent, and, without serious intervention, will remain a thin adult. The extreme ectomorph has as much, if not more, difficulty putting on weight as any heavy person has losing weight. The extreme ectomorph almost always has serious body image issues.

Most importantly, the extreme ectomorph has a very, very difficult time finding any kind of information pertaining to this topic. In a world where 98% of people struggle with the exact opposite problem, life as an extreme ectomorph can be a very lonely situation indeed.

That’s why The Skinny was born.

As an extreme ectomorph I have spent a lifetime asking myself so many questions and searching for the answers. Why am I this way? Am I healthy, or should I be concerned? What other health issues might be associated with my weight? Why do people react so negatively to my build? Is it possible to put on weight, and if so, should I make an effort to do so? What is healthy and what is unhealthy in terms of gaining weight? Is being extremely skinny different for women than for men, and if so, how? How do I deal with people who insist on making me feel badly about my body? How can I feel better about my body? What is the best way to respond to (rude) comments that friends and even complete strangers apparently feel totally justified in making about my weight? What style of clothes look best on me? And once I’ve determined that, where in America do I find clothes that fit me?

These are just a few of the topics The Skinny will explore over time. You won’t find these discussions in women’s magazines, and it is only very recently (i.e., within the last 2-3 years) that I have seen any kind of forums online for extreme ectomorphs to discuss these issues frankly, and most of these are on body-building sites and are decidedly male dominated. Even so, many are valuable for the sheer feeling of identification one gets from having found others in the same boat. And while I hope to engender a culture of support for my skinny sisters and brothers through this blog, I’m not planning to moderate any forums, so an effort will be made to provide links to those that seem most helpful and insightful.

As with most blogs written by someone with a stake in the subject, this will be as much about my own self-discovery as it will be about the subject matter in general. Bear with me, my ectomorphic friends. We’re all here for the same reason. And now, to begin the journey.

Chana de Wolf
Chana de Wolf

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